Art embedded

Building site

Coffee-sipping view. Accuracy underway.

Buxton 1835 Emancipation

This dates to 1835, and honors the emancipation of slaves in 1834, erected by MP Charles Buxton. The fountain inside doesn’t seem to function any longer.

Tate ART

We spent our energy today on Art, presented first at Tate Britain, then at Tate Modern.

Cerith Wyn Evans 2017 Forms

This neon installation by Cerith Wyn Evans, and commissioned for this space this year. It’s called “Forms in Space…by Light (in Time).” Wyn Evans says it addresses flows of energy….

CWE view up

View from below of one section of “Forms….”

Henry Moore RecumbentFigure1938

Detail of “elbow” of Henry Moore’s “Recumbent Figure,” 1938. It’s of Green Hornton stone, which to me is shades of brown.

Cornelius Johnson Unknown Gentleman 1629

This is the lace collar of “Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman,” by Cornelius Johnson, 1629. I admire the skill it takes to make this detail seem so real.

NathanielBacon Cookmaid c1620 25cabbages

Ditto—so real-looking. Cabbages are part of Nathaniel Bacon’s ~1620–1625 “Cookmaid with Still Life of Vegetables and Fruit.”

Arthur Hacker Annunciation 1892

Compelling face by Arthur Hacker, 1892, “The Annunciation.”

Commuter boat

We took a vessel like the blue-and-white one up-river to the Tate Modern.

Ben from river

En route, we saw Big Ben tower from a vantage point we’ve never enjoyed before.

Like architecture

Wouldn’t you know that I’d find architecture-like modern art compelling? For shame, I didn’t note the artist/title/date.

Bride picture

We headed back toward our bags, stashed at last night’s hotel, along Fleet Street, then Strand. I assume this was a wedding photo, but it could be a fashion shoot.

Trafalgar square

We found Trafalgar Square busy with tourists and people just off work. More bride-outfits. In the central background is St Martin-in-the-Fields, which in the 1500s was in the fields between London and Westminster; however, much of this building dates to the early 1700s. It is the parish church of the Royals and Number 10 Downing.

Admiralty Arch

Great light on the Edwardian Admiralty Arch. Note flag at half mast (squint), honoring the dead in Manchester.


  1. Anne Regenstreif says:

    We saw the architecture piece in the Tate Modern. I’ll see if I can find the label for it. If memory serves, it is made from cornmeal??

  2. Sammy says:

    This was one of the last rooms we visited, and I was too fried to notice such a fascinating detail. How to keep the bugs away (safely)?