Two excitements

White gardenia

Today’s two excitements are not on the same plane. First, the gardenias have reached full scent. And that is some glorious plant-perfume.

The other excitement is the brand-new iPad, the brand-new model that shipped today. It is fast and commodious (inside, at least that’s what I hear), and has a wider gamut than any of our other screens. At least, I have that on good authority.

The delivery of the new device had its own drama. Brown promised it by 7pm—and it was no-show on that schedule. I was hungry, and debated a bit, then dropped the pasta in the boiling water, figuring that, in the way of these things, would get it to show up. Yup. Right at 7:15.

Dinner and an iPad.


  1. Dave L says:

    Does iPad taste anything like Pad Thai? Cause I like Pad Thai.

  2. Sammy says:

    Taste is bland; excitement comes from other senses (eyes, ears…). Far more expensive, however. 😉