Snow day

Drone pilot

Snow continued off and on since before dark yesterday, and that is mighty unusual in these parts. We got moving earlier than most people, with the full light, but in the still-quiet while most people, I imagine, were still enjoying their morning hot-drinks.

Drone snow view

The pilot took Droney up after the snow stopped about 10am and began to melt, and this is the neighborhood.

Fireplug house steps

And this is a neighbor-house, with snow-etched steps and a wreath on a red window-door. Couldn’t pass up a picture.

Twenty-eight years ago it snowed, too, but not this much. I know that because today is the Guru’s and my anniv.🥂🤩🏺🍓

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  1. Dave L says:

    Three award winning pics! Neighborhoods with skyline and black and white effect with red door, NICE!