Bird tracks in snow

Yeah, there’s still snow. And the birds might well be confused…as in: where’re the tasty bits that were here the other day?

Confused about days myself. Monday was a holiday. Tuesday was distorted because it was the first work-weekday (and yet not a Monday), and a snowstorm loomed. The snow came in the Wednesday wee hours and Wednesday…so, city closed down. Today, city still “paralyzed” by snow and ice. But today is supposed to be warmer…and it can only be another distorted weekday. Right?

So, how do you describe this week? The work-week* part of it?

* Are work-weeks real after all? Seems to me that most of my jobs had weekday- and weekend-paced days, but all were capable of being days I worked.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Just the regular mid-winter slodging along. Except for the meteor!