Tale of three fleurs

Mall lavendar

Well, three flower-like fleurs. Visual fleur essence.

First we have plastic mall flowers. A not-field of pseudo-lavender in an upscale mall…actually, former upscale mall…now a fine mall trying to maintain essence of upscale-osity. And a spread of fake lavender, I assume, is supposed to help.

Maybe if support staff sprayed the plastic with real scent? haha 🍀

Blue rose

Found this rose 🌹 on my knee. My blue rose leggings.

Today they went to an afternoon matinee at the upscale mall theaters. Seats are sold reserved now, you know…I didn’t.

Frozen brown camellia

Here’s a casualty of the latest snow-and-cold-snap. Poor camellia. The realest flower of the trio got snubbed by MaNachur.

Buck up; tomorrow’s on the way!

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