Making up for…deficiencies

Pickup back window

I made yesterday’s post on the fly, which is theoretically “just fine.” Looking back, I didn’t draw from our full set of images-of-the-day, and blah blah.

Green lndscp

As we sped east across OK, then AR, we saw far more spring vegetation than we remembered from westbound. This image shows more green than I remember from most of the hills and valleys, but, hey, pretty!

Oil pump

We saw towers that I hypothesized were for fracking, but this is an old-fashioned oil derrick. Plenty of them!

Onion truck

We found truck loads often unidentifiable (because: covered/closed), but this was all onions, all the way.


And this was what I think of as transformers, but maybe I have that wrong.

Peony timeline

And, at home today, this flower was a tight bud with ants walking on it when we left. No longer!

The storm last night left traffic lights as mere flashing lights (folks, they become four-way stops—so STOP and WAIT on cross traffic for your turn), but things were fine at our house, judging from the microwave and coffee-machine clocks (nevertheless, Chummbeee was confused…).

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    Wait. Who is Chummbeee?