I got a bit inventive

Pork stack

At the moment, I’m calling this a pork stack. It’s a composed meal with a rice mixture (that I won’t buy again) on the bottom, then a mixed veg layer (mostly greens—bok choy and spinach, plus green onions), then sautéed pork loin medallions on top. Soy, no ginger or garlic (forgotten) for the main sauce-y flavorings. And, on the very top, a scatter of the green parts of the green onions for visual interest and flavor.

Just whipped it up, and that’s why I forgot several bits I would have added if I had taken longer. I’m really proud that I managed to make it in one pan (rice) and one skillet (the other two, veg first, then meat).

This isn’t particularly original, as it’s essentially a stir-fry. Tasty, however!

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Sounds really good!