Mugginess abates late-day

Loon fam

I went down to the lake and shucked off my shoes (and custom orthotics), and set The Foot loose in the wild. I didn’t go out far and I didn’t go under, but when I was floating butt down and digits up, just feeling a mild one-ness with the lake, I watched Lady Loon and her trio of following loon-lets glide by…ah, nature can be so uplifting.

GM ex panel

BTW, we aren’t so far out in the sticks that the future doesn’t appear here in one form or another. You may have seen pre-release vehicles, especially if you spend time near Detroit, with a strange black-and-white obfuscation “contact paper” cladding a vehicle to disguise the exact shape should someone see/photograph it. The other option is that the manufacturer sticks panels to the vehicle that cover up the shape beneath—no reconstruction of curves etc. is possible at all. Here’s what the latter vehicle looks like after the panels have been removed, with the not-quite-velcro attachment strips remaining. I’m told this vehicle was shown publicly in March, so there’s no longer any need for disguise.

John was very jealous of the bright red panic button by the dash. Does that tell you something about the state of GM engineering? haha

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