Stay tuned

Beach line water level

I persuaded my lazy feet to take me down to the beach…and didn’t expect the waves to be this quiet. North wind. And the widest beach I’ve seen in a while, perhaps more than a coon’s age—how long do they live???

Clam track

Then, I looked off the dock and saw this clam track. I don’t know what the bio-folk call this, but it’s where a clam has plowed along through the sand on the bottom of the lake, near enough to shore that I can see it. I assume the clam was feeding? Dunno. My ignorance is vast.

Barberry berries changing

And, next to the house, the barberry berries are transforming from green through red-gold, segueing toward red.

Sit back on your heels and exhale. Full autumn is on the way. Given that the “sun” porch temp reached no higher than 55°F, you know that northern autumn is fully present.

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