Two excursions

Wood nessie UP

Was it an excursion to check on our beach’s wooden Nessie? Soaking in the sand today….

Woods color

Just after lunch we left the property to check on the leaf color and get out of the house.

Eagles nest

Just as we got to Eagles Nest, the sun came out for the first time! Yay! Gamed the sunshine! It didn’t linger.

We drove on past the Big Fill (didn’t stop) and Lavender Corners (only stopped at the stop sign; it’s a ghost town now).

Fox at Seney

At Seney we made a detour up to the campground to check on the Fox River. I looked for a sign saying Ernest Hemingway fished here. None. I would also have been happy with an Ernest Hemingway fished here sign. Nada.

Needed the wood stove today, but right at the moment we have windows open for a few minutes because it’s kicking out way too much heat. Not enough; too much. The dance of life?

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