Sunny and warm

Fire heat stove

My figuring last night was right on the money when I decided to lay the fire in the wood stove ready for setting aflame in the morning. And the morning was indeed cold, and the wood stove staved off the chill. Wood heat is radiant! And I think it sucks the moisture right out of my skin. [Where’s the hand cream?]

The grove

The Guru took Droney for a spin. Here’s the color developing in the Grove. It used to have white birches in the mix, but they’ve died. My bro, the tree guy, says for the most part the birch seeds need a fire to trigger them to germinate. [Another fire reference for today.]

Natural shell collection

Took my last private, unhurried walk on the beach. These shells have been deposited/revealed lately. I don’t know if they are from a die-off in a relatively short time, or an accumulation. I’ve never seen a clam die-off, so I’m guessing somehow they’ve accumulated.

Barberry orange

As to the barberry fruits, they mostly full orange, with the merest hint of the orange-red to come. That’s the barberry berry report for this evening.

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