Lake tales, briefly

Our lake

I decided the theme for today’s post would be lakes, although we skip a whole lot of the day…still, I have to start somewhere!

So, the first lake must be “our” lake, although this is a shot from yesterday since it was raining or drippy all morning, not good for photography at all.

GreatLake MI

Then, a Great Lake. Michigan. Chicago is way off to the right if you follow the coast, and keep following it.


I think of the Bridge as the dividing line between Lakes Michigan and Huron. I don’t know if geographers agree. Don’t much care, truth be told.

Sunset over old lakebed

Note that by sunset we had left the rain and overcast behind. Yes, sunset over, hmm, soybeans? some row crop.

And now, the Guru says, we are in the promised land. Not for long; we’ll leave tomorrow.

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