Pretty please

Cycadic centrality

When you find a cycad seasonally decorated by falling leaves, you know…something…perhaps that the seasons turn? the cycad is not in its natural habitat? that more research is needed? Ahhhhhh….

For the record, I make these comments without reverence (or reference) to the fact that officials/decision-makers delayed the start of the MichSt–Mich foooootbl game because of white-stuff*. That’s an official weather category: white-stuff. I want it to go into remission for a couple of weeks. Please.

* Possibly, the reported “white-stuff” might have been rain? I comment from hundreds of miles distant….


  1. kayak woman says:

    There was sleet/snow in various places yesterday but it seemed to be coming from a higher, colder layer of clouds. 45 on the ground. Short-lived bursts but overall very unstable weather.

  2. Dave London says:

    Back from UP. Still lots of green leaves here. UP past peak. I heard game was delayed due to lighting. Seems like we have more cold weather thunderstorms around here then ever before. I don’t remember growing up with these. Climate change perhaps? Loved the Halloween flamingoes photo.