Wave statues Ballard

We always enjoy our visit to the locks in the Ballard neighborhood, NW Seattle. The official name of this waterway is Salmon Bay; it’s the seaward link for the waters of Lake Washington, which flow into the Shilshole (say: shill-shoal) Bay of Puget Sound. The passage is also called the Lake Washington Ship Canal. When they’re migrating upriver, visitors can see salmon jumping in the fish ladder; not today.

However, we did visit these statues, which mimic wave curls. They’re by Paul Sorey, and called “Salmon Waves” (2001).

Bascule bridge SEA

This is the Salmon Bay Railroad Bridge across the Bay/Ship Canal. It’s a bascule bridge; it is due to be replaced with a vertical-lift bridge very soon, which means today was probably our last chance to see it….


  1. Jay says:

    Why, that’s Seattle! How long are you in town?

  2. Dave L says:

    Are the statues located near the fish ladder? Just wondering if the migrating salmon inspired them? And it’s a good thing that first l in “Shilshole” is an L and not a T. lol