Shine and rain

Wind downage

In the wee hours we heard serious wind; I was glad I was cozy indoors. When we ventured out on the road we found downed trees and many branches and so on. See the organic matter in our lane?

Missing water tower

Farther along our trail, we found a rooftop water tower structure that lacked its tank. Absence is okay.

Restaurant view

We picked a nearby place to eat, and whatta view! We watched the street become dark.

Best beet salad ever

Best beet salad ever. All beets, no foliage.

Streetcar rainy night

And, as a timely capper, we reached the streetcar enclosure and started to figure out when the trolley would arrive, and presto the rain began. Lucky us, our stop was a mere 100 feet from the door to our hotel.

And now we are ensconced, warm and safe. Happy. Happy.


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