Cheap or free*

Rosa blanca blooms

Let’s mix it up and begin with today’s flower: rosa blanca. And her rosa-blanca friends.

Believe tree

I believe this sign. I do not believe this tree. Looks darned deceased to me. Too bad.

Last week fixing

Last week up the way there was sub-surface utility fixing going on. Interesting that they ran out of metal road plates; the one on the left is a double layer of plywood with a rope loop to control it.

Today street fixing

Today, the subsurface work extended across the median—more plywood. And the clever fixit crews’ machinery effectively blocked the route of the garbage trucks, so our street remains lined with unemptied herbie-kerbies. Somehow the recycling truck made it through—I suspect running earlier than the garbage-vehicle. [I predict the tree on the left dies within a decade. Unfortunately.]

Oh, my, don’t we live in an ongoing play!

* This refers to a sign we saw in NC the other day at a roadside firewood place. Write your own play reflecting the phrase. Extra points for using “political economy” in the dialogue.

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