Equinox day

Apple buds

I hoped the apple buds would open, but no, too cool a spring for them to open in May.

Two red tulips

Tulips and forget-me-nots, on the other hand: stunning. Thank you, dear gardening neighbors.

Convoy military

On the road we encountered a long military convoy. They were moving an assortment of vehicles, about half in OD champ and half in desert beige. However, the vehicular theme of the day, of all our long miles, was Equinoxi. Is that the plural of Equinox? I’d guess that one of every eight or so vehicles was an Equinox. Go Chevy.

No, I definitely do not covet one.

Tent caterpillars

I can’t remember the last time I saw tent caterpillars. Do I spend too much time in the city? Do they avoid the Sunny South? …Answers I do not have.

Sunset orange

Then, as we crossed into Ohio, we drove into rain. Heavy rain. And more rain. Later with a few hail balls, bam bam. And when we drove out of the precip, within two minutes, we were driving on dry roads. Funny. But the truck is less muddy and decorated with fewer insect bodies. Sunset: a normal orange with a few clouds.

And a happy good night!

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