Roadside sights

Arches street

You would not be the least bit surprised, I bet, to learn that the street that goes along under this railroad track is called Arches Street. Poetic or pragmatic?

Sleeping rooms

Abandoned building—not a fine place to sleep any longer. Does this mean that in each room there was space for a bed, dresser, and a few hangers—and that’s it? Or does it mostly mean no cooking facilities? I’m mystified.

Bank of Columbia

Note: not Colombia. I find it interesting that the facade was expanded in 1969 to include a street door to the far right. We zipped by and I couldn’t tell if this bank is still open; however, a bit of searching, and yes!

Horse tail butt

After all day on state highways and a few US routes, we finally popped onto the interstate maze, and followed this for a few minutes as we approached the northern metro area. Time for you to generate your own caption.

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