Moving right along

Free tunnel

Downtown Seattle traffic patterns have been changed by the construction/opening of a long tunnel on 99; it hasn’t been open long, and is still free. So we gave it a try! Smooth!

Rainier out

Above ground, we had great views of Mount Rainier…however, I only had a cell phone to snapshot it. It looms, no doubt about it. Massive landform.

Calamus Reservoir

Airborne, our route passed just south of the Calamus Reservoir. It’s that NW/SE darkness above the plane icon (note engines; can you see the propellers? resolution may be too hammered to display them). I worked on an archaeological site that’s now under the water before they dammed the river. The Calamus River was the most constant-flowing river in North America, we were told (perhaps still is?).

Midtown dogwood

And now we’re home in dogwood-town. Great trip! New HS graduate in the family! So proud! Fast trip, but very fun!

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