So proud

Tree in bag

Ho-hum part of the day: my walk. Found a tree in a bag, which the sign calls a hairnet. Dubious ethics; the idea is to preserve the fruit from the birds and other living things for donation to people.

Roadside sweet peas

Roadside sweet peas. Yay!

Jag logo

Our ride. From the manager’s selections; same rate as the Ford Focus we reserved. Hah!

Le pomp

Le pomp. In a hockey arena.

Le circumstance

Le circumstance. Hat toss to a John Williams composition for Star Wars; very appropriate. And…we have a new graduate in the family! Congrats to Sam Two-Name, beloved of all. He’s just to the right of the middle and you’ll never be able to pick him out. Does it help if I tell you he he’s wearing blue high-tops?

Apologies for the delayed post; just too darned much going on into the evening, plus the time difference. Yawn. Smile. Smile bigger.

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