the boat gos out

Boat gos out

On our last half-day with our houseguest, KB of Minneapolis, we visited the locks and the metro lock area. In the locks visitors’ center, we perused a display that asked people to write about what they liked most about their locks viewing. This writer liked the ACTION, and I concur; it’s wonderful to watch when “the boat gos out.”

Car ferry goes out

Here, however, the car ferry goes out. Right at the Clyde’s lunch stop. Over to Sugar Island; sometime I will take that ferry.

No snow shoes languid partaay

Then we waved bye-bye to KB and dropped in on KW and GG and P___ and M___ at their windy Gitchee Gummee beach. We opted to stay indoors safe from the breeze and the biters, and whiled away the afternoon with non-stop laughs and great stories. Such fun fun fun. 🤭

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