I’m a tracker

Old deer tracks

Old deer tracks. Exaggerated by being made in soft mud, and from subsequent desiccation.

Recent tracks

Recent deer tracks. Just barely penetrating the soil/former mud.

Motor chase

I was on foot, and I could hear a motor that was skipping behind me. It was the mower on the left. Then I heard a second motor. It was the ORV that traveled faster and here is on the right (I turned around to get this shot). I continued walking down into the swamp where I found the tracks above. Because I had descended I couldn’t hear what happened, but both vehicles must have turned into the fix-it place that is before the swamp, as I did not see/hear them again. My hypothesis is that riding mower guy abandoned his ride to fix-it man, joined ORV guy, and they motored to whence they originated.

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