Less sun today (not fewer)

Foggy field

Foggy morning. That colorful vegetation in the foreground is lowly milkweed. It’s taking over the field. Not so good for field-ness.

Eagle point

The sun did come out, but not for long (and the sunporch made it almost to 72°F). I was out for a wander and went to check the lake and was on the dock looking along the “beach,” and see that black shape above the tree on the point? The eagle. Which I spotted with my eagle-eye. Heh.

Mullien droplets

Mullien with droplets.

Mushroom cluster

Mushroom cluster. This rainy autumn/late summer means there a many “fun guys” pretty much everywhere.

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  1. dave l says:

    Liked “fun guys” reference. Not “much room” for improvement on that funny one!