Nearby(ish) and varied

Mailbox wall

Fascinated by the “regular” mailbox cemented into the stucco “adobe” wall.

Sidewalk luck

Sidewalk luck.


Where’s…oh, you get it.

Horno tabby

Note tabby and horno. And pig toy/sculpture, lower left. That’s the most accoutrement-ed horno I’ve ever noticed/seen.

Capitol view

The Guru took Droney for a quick flight. That curved wall building is the capitol (behind the dark red-brown roof).

Lamy depot

We took a short drive south to Lamy.

Amtrak leaving

Amtrak stops here, and it’s the closest stop to Santa Fé, if I have it right. We were lucky to be there when the train stopped…and left maybe five minutes later.

Parked caboose

Abandoned? parked caboose. Unnecessary in the digital world.

Glass insulators

Glass insulators are still in use in these parts in some rural lines. The Guru says these are for telephone/communications not electricity. The pairs are a clue.

Lit tree computational

We walked to dinner, which means after sunset (before 5pm), and after the cold is setting in. Brr. But, we’re tough. After dark means opportunities for computational photography—yay!

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