Parched pastiche

Solo crowlo

I found pockets of people/businesses active before 9am this morning, but along this block, it was me and this crow. Since they are often in a group, aka a murder, I am a bit mystified about Mr/Lady Solo.

FtMarcyHill view

I hoofed it up Ft Marcy Hill, jacket off despite it being rather chilly…go heart rate!

Free parking

Cutting back through the plaza and heading for the capitol side street, I found a line of baggied meters…clearly the city-fathers and -mothers opted for encouraging shopping traffic rather than collecting change.

Guardrail damage

Then we took off southbound to meet up with dear friends. We took the Interstate for a bit, then got off and took the back way (where it survived). In this area, signage makes a big deal about damaged guardrails, although, mysteriously, not in this case. I suspect this practice dates back to the early days of guardrail installation, when, if they were present, some drivers depended on them to nudge their vehicles back onto the road should their steering waver. Hypothesis.

Grande Valley

Great view of the Rio Grande valley; we’re shooting off to the left, downstream.

White horno

Our secondary route took us through several pueblos, where we saw many hornos, sometimes in doubles and triples. Wonder how hot cottonwoods burn.

Sandhills again

We even found a dozen or so sandhill cranes in one field, I guess opting to avoid party central down in Bosque del Apache.

BBQ ready

We had a great visit with our friends, trying the whole time not to regret that we live so far apart. Talk, laugh. Repeat.

Late day light

It gets dark early here, and the low light angle made for stupendous landscape views.

Santafe late light

And here’s the basin of Santa Fé, a band of sunlight and city lights combining in this magic moment.

Pigeon assembly

Finally, a birdy bookend, this time pigeons.

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