Scale can be elusive

Galisteo Basin

We departed early, heading south through the Galisteo Basin. Cool archaeology is here, but we didn’t stop.

Trains crossing

We spotted trains crossing—enough train action here to merit the two levels of tracks….

Cowboy faceoff

Strange giant cowboy cut-out face-off or smack-down.

WhitesCity sample

At the entrance to Carlsbad Caverns park, there’s a multifaceted business called White’s City, a commercial undertaking with many buildings that seeks to get money out of your pocket and into theirs. Look at the critter-statues…bison, alien, etc., and a big USA flag flapping above.

Lacet in space

Road to the visitor center…hairpin turn that looks like it may hang in space. Turns out it’s on solid ground, however.


We took the sissy elevator entrance. The elevator has a top and a bottom stop, nothing in between. And the distance is measured in feet. We dropped smoothly several hundred feet. The walking tour is of the Big Room. It goes on and on. And on and on.

First view

First view. Shiny handrails are on both sides of the paved path.

Space cavern

Handrails left. This is a big space. Even standing there it is difficult to grasp the size of the open space around you.

Big view

More big stalactites, stalagmites and perhaps speleothems.

Big decorations

I was fascinated by this well-decorated passage to…dunno where.

Green pool

I was also fascinated by the few pools of water we could see. This one had drips falling into it, making the “wrinkles” in the water.

Winds here

We elevatored back to the surface, had a snack from our abundant food stores in the cab, and headed south-ish below the Guadalupe Mountains. Signs every few miles warned us about the wind. It was always there this afternoon, and for maybe fifty it was straight at us, spoiling our mileage.

Blimp d border

We crossed into Texas and had this confirmation that we were approaching the US–Mexico border. We frequently hear about walls, but these things are perhaps far more effective. When airborne.

Cochineal dinner

We had a fancy dinner way out in the relative boonies, very delicious, at Cochineal in Marfa. I had a pricey and yummy steak, and the Guru had schnitzel. With veg for both of us. Recommended.


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