Wild lands (mostly)

Open bean cafe

We stayed in an end-of-the-road town, too small to have chain motels, and I supposed that’s why the one we stayed in, clean and maintained, offered no breakfast. So we went down the street, and enjoyed a hot breakfast at a little café. We learned from observing the men who came in that the proper greeting is, “Buenos días, how are you?” and that it’s possible to wrangle 157 horses before breakfast. I don’t know how big the crew was doing that.

Jesus wedding gown

We ventured into the local grocery store for a few supplies. We skipped the many institutional sized cans of food (pozole, anyone) and Mexican brand cookies, and even these Jesus candles. Looks to me like he’s modeling a wedding dress, but I probably don’t understand this imagery.

Colt n mom

Then we began moseying downriver, following the Rio Grande toward its mouth far away. We passed a large state park (miles) and some ranches. Found this mostly grown colt and perhaps mom getting their breakfast.

RG n mountains

That’s the Rio Grande, or the Río Bravo to people living on the other side, in México. As in: “I can see Mexico from my pickup.”

Church n sun

Took the old road for a stretch, going through surprisingly still active dispersed communities. This church was hanging on, but the second one in this area was decrepit and unused.

RGRSP hoodoos

Hoodoos overlooking the RG/RB. (From a pano, if it looks a bit distorted.)

Sta elena cnyn

Finally, we crossed into Big Bend National Park, and our first stop is this dramatic canyon, named for Santa Elena. Last time we were here, the water was much lower, and we walked into the cleft. Computational photography means detail is visible in the dark canyon faces.

Mules ears formations

Meet Mules Ears. There’s a trail going over to it, but we were content to look from here.

Olive tinted formation

These olive tinted layers caught my eye.

Sotol stand

This spot is called Sotol Overlook. These are sotol plants, pronounced soh-tohl, but the Guru says they are so-tall. 😉

Deerly walking

I walked up the hill from our room and heard noise in the brush to my left, looked, and: wow! two deer grazing. I froze and prepared to photograph. They were unconcerned. I got this shot when the second one crossed the street, looking down at the Guru sitting in the porch-shade (difficult to see).

Golden hr

Golden hour on the rocks above the lodge.

Window sunset

Sunset through the formation called The Window.

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  1. Maureen Meyers says:

    Church (not surprisingly) and golden hour on rocks are my faves. Although sunset is lovely.
    Jesus does look like a bride, or hearkens quincenara dresses, perhaps intentionally? I think it’s light emitting from the sacred heart, but not sure.