Cloud from sun

As we were leaving the dining room, these wispy clouds came in, I think generated by the sun hitting the air. Cool, cool morning. Frost on the windshield cool.

Window trail sign

With a big, hot breakfast on board we headed out down the trail to The Window of last night’s sunset photograph.

Chisos Basin rt N

Here’s the mountain face to our right, to the north, as we began our descent.

Mex jay

Look at that! A Mexican jay.

Chisos basin SW

You can tell it’s chilly…and windy. I have my coat on over three layers and am glad I can stuff my hands in my pockets. Yes, I have on a windproof neck buff, ear band, and a baseball cap—all of them. That’s the left or southwest wall of the Chisos Basin behind me.

Window ahead

That gap is the Window that we’re descending toward. That’s the desiccating blossom stalk of a Havard agave, if I remember right.

Boulder detail

Detail of a boulder we had to go around. It looks different than most of the other rocks around this immediate area.

Bear trio afar

Lookee over there! Way over there, thankfully…long lens…a trio of bears, perhaps a mom and two cubs. They were way up on the slope to our left and pretty far away and not interested in us. Whew.

Window closer

Getting closer to the window. Are those clouds coming in? I promised the Guru we had to go early so we wouldn’t be out in the heat of the day…but where’s the heat???? 😉

Window final

We trekked carefully past a spring and crossed the water several times to work our way down to finally view through the Window! Vista found! Now, time to ascend. Glad it’s cool finally, but not looking forward to headwind through canyon above Window.

Spring water return

Here’s the spring water, and the trail-builders worked hard to make steps in the bedrock to make hikers safer.

Side path window

Took a side path for a short distance for another view out the Window. From here you can hardly tell how deep the canyon is.

Return to basin


RG RB carrizo

We got out just fine, took a lunch break, then headed out in the pickup. Here’s the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo from hear a hot springs. I know this cane as carrizo from my time in Oaxaca. Yes, that’s Mexico on the other side, so let’s all call it carrizo, or car-ee-so.


Driving along, making our way back to the turn that will take us back into the Chisos Basin for the night, we found this coyote by the road.

Goodnight CG

I’ll take this as a goodnight from our patron peak, Casa Grande, right above our modest room. I’m sure all the rooms here are modest. The bling is in the views. And the critter sightings.


  1. Dave L. says:

    Was there a road runner trap in that ACME box in the background of the coyote photo? LOL

  2. Sammy says:

    Heh! Saw roadrunners, too! But no sticks of dynamite!