And so it goes

Malus branchlet

As the unknowns mount, mostly beyond my control, I decided that as I walked I would focus on what I knew in the moment, and make that my stability.

I strolled and opened my awareness of my senses. Sniff. [Sounds hokey…but but but.] Sniff. I discovered I was bathed in wafts of the scent of blooming Malus. Substantial trees and high branches loaded with flowers emitted fragrance that permeated the air.

Lovely. Real.


I found rosemary blooming. I had to be close to get the scent.

Periwinkle group

Periwinkle aka good ol’ Vinca. Did not kneel down to nose these.

Azalea rebound

And this azalea was too far for my neck to stretch.

Many pop-culch associations with that phrase. I’m just thinking of the meaning, strictly speaking, and not the myriad ways it has been used. Kinda like focusing on scent while perambulating through a turbulent world.

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