On the move

Flooded butter jesus

We loaded the vehicle without precip, and drove into spitty rain cells for many miles, and then finally out of the rain. Then, north of Cincinnati, we found the Butter Jesus’s christening pond overflowing, with its waters merging with acres of flooded fields. I don’t know if this Replacement Jesus is also called Butter Jesus after its slightly yellow predecessor, but that’s how I think of it.

High water

Later, we got very close to high water. Possibly yesterday we would have had to detour a few miles.


Managed to catch the late-day light/dusk at the county courthouse I rode past twice each schoolday after I finished elementary school and had to go to town for my schooling. [Full confession: I never had to walk to school.]

Dusk Ingham co

Finally, out of town we got a good sky view across the flat flat fields. Purdy. [Sarcastic take on local pronunciation.]

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