Learning curves

Trained grass

Perhaps a dozen times I’ve driven this route across the field…the first time there was no path—it was “virgin” grass. Each day, I’d drive it twice, over perhaps ten days. The grass height between the tires, where the tops are brushed by the underside of the pickup, is shorter than to the sides where it was untouched. Grass learns fast, it appears.

Vertical lupine

I hadn’t ever shot straight down on a lupine. [Got that out of my system, ¿no?]

False solomon seal

I got this one right: it’s false Solomon’s seal (Maianthemum racemosum). Edible; didn’t know that.

Distancing sky

Dined outdoors at proper social distance with the neighbors. Great sky. We got a special invite because the hunter-fisher-gatherer-gardener had success out on the lake this morning, and they shared. 🧡 A walleye, sometimes called yellow pike. In Canada, it’s a pickerel—although it’s not taxonomically a pickerel.

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