Two outdoor adventures

Deer tracks hijinks

Today’s photo tour of my day begins with these tracks, fresh-made as it rained into the wee hours. There are a couple of shoe-wearing horse-tracks in the lower left, and continuing across. But the rest are deer. I cannot come up with a scenario in which the long drag “prints” were created.

Swamp ditch

Also on my walk, a slight detour onto a bridge, perhaps installed by a fisher-person or birdwatcher, that crosses the ditch in the swamp. I learned about duckweed when I had Biology I in HS, back in the Middle Ages. It’s the floating green.


Kinda looks like funky soybeans in this shot. One leaf per plant, I just read.

Offshore breeze situation

Much later, I walked down to the lake…. Offshore breeze today (after days and nights on onshore winds). That means we have a beach! Water’s still way too high, though, IMHO.

Sphagnum moss

Quick stop to check out the low-ground plants on the bluff-top. Sphagnum moss. Always thought “sphagnum” was lovely to hear, almost melodic, and no fun to spell.


  1. Pooh says:

    I teased one of my sons once, that duckweed was a tabouli farm. He wasn’t a fan of tabouli at the time, so he probably figured that it would grow in a swamp. Isn’t duckweed the smallest flowering plant?

  2. Sammy says:

    I did read that On The Internet. Smallest flowering plant is quite an achievement! I’d expect it to be some wee tropical something, but no, just…duckweed!