Daylight variability

Foggy murky

Daylight began with piercing quiet and heavy ground-fog.

Lake superior beach

As the day progressed, overcast and intermittent precip alternated with streaks of sunshine—you can see one of the latter illuminating a sand dune in the distance.

Today’s big chore was heading to town for groceries and a raid of the hardware store. Instead of the direct road, 44 miles round trip, we took the long way, up to Lake Superior in a big loop—a detour that took us 111 miles. Well worth the miles of mud puddles and bumps on the unpaved stretch between Grand Marais (where I took the photo) and Deer Park. Great names, no?

I walked subsequently, toward the end of the daylight portion of the day, when it was windy and sunny and surprisingly pleasant, quite the opposite of the morning.

Now, as darkness closes in, it’s less windy and threatening rain. Soooo good to be indoors.

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    …piercing quiet… Reminds me of the Robert Service poem “The Spell of theYukon” with the line ‘..The silence that bludgeons you dumb’..
    The UP, beautiful place to be for fall! We’re still in fire season here, but a cooling trend is coming!