Flat Indiana

Church bell

Our first stop was the best…to see loved ones and their New Home! Just darned lovely. All of it. Next time, we’ll stay longer than just for coffee, laughs, and covid-careful hugs.

This was at a later stop, for pure leg stretching…and a few photos. It was a church parking lot. I’m a tad confused with all the nekkid humanoids on the decorative band on this bell, set in the center of the loop from the drop-off awning to the parking lot. My impression is that it was a darned conservative church, and they don’t usually go in for nekkid imagery. Or perhaps I’m making an unwarranted assumption.

Flat view

Dramatic skies can confuse modern digital cameras. This is a different direction, perhaps two minutes after the bell shot. Still: pretty pretty.

Speaking of nekkid, Trevor Noah used a wonderful phrase I hadn’t heard before in a clip the Guru showed me, describing folks wearing their masks at, well, rather half staff: nose nudity. You may find me working it into conversations soon….

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