I walked later than I would have preferred (heat, humidity), but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Because it was later, I found shadows, which is to say: I found more sunshine along my route. With this shot, however, I think in terms of shadows. What does this indicate about my personality or world-perspective? Unk.

And I did find some gorgeous flower posing, thank you Mr. Sun.

I assumed, given the amount of spring tree trimming and cutting, that our neighborhood had been cropped into great shape until, what?, perhaps this fall. But, no. I encountered at least three different tree-reduction crews today. And I assume that was a small sample of those roaming Our Fair City.

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  1. Pooh says:

    There are Hi-Vis work crews in our neighborhood also. We’ve been noticing that the squirrels are also doing their tree-reduction work. Lots of oak twigs dropped to the ground. Are they thinning the oaks to increase acorn production, or to provide nesting material? If it’s the latter, they will have to look in the yard waste bin for the neighbor’s twigs that fell in our yard.