Humidity and impending rain created an atmosphere such that I couldn’t face pulling ivy and the mattock work I’ve been doing for two weeks, so I opted to walk. Still humid. Still rain pending (in 49 minutes, professed my watch—and it was right). I’ve been sparing my ever-so-sensitive knees by not pounding the pavement with a daily walk, so I turned tables and headed out for haunts I haven’t checked up on lately. Mucho progresso at the neighborhood firehouse, and I’m sure the fire-folk will love the upgrades.

And our new favorite summer evening menu: salmon salad. Like this. With lettuce and tomatoes and a drizzle of “balsamic glaze,” a TJ’s prep that is made with grape must, and is yummy (thank you, Cuz, for introducing me to it!), although it may not sound yummy.

In short, a day of changed habits.

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