Lucky you

You meaning my approximately five regular readers. And my guess is there are no, or nearly no, irregular readers.

Otherwise: multicolor maple splendor.

Oh, the lucky part? That I posted early. Woohoo! Rain and whatnot changes my rhythms. And rain just came in; it’s to last into the 10pm hour. Subsequently, the temps will drop into the 30s (The App indicates).

You would be right if you guess we’re scrutinizing the long-range forecast for a “nice” day for closing the cottage and skedaddling. Nothing locked in yet.

One comment

  1. Maureen Meyers says:

    Well, I’m probably a bit more irregular than the 5 regulars…in more ways than one. But, regular or not, was wondering when you were pondering the return. Lovely fall photos though! Nothing like it quite yet in the southern realm.