Varmints and pests

This morning I did some grass-whacking around this planting, and oh. my. heavens…the lovely lilac scent. It inspired and lulled me.

Varmit count: 1; one woodchuck…no sign of woodchucks before this afternoon visit. Go away! You are not wanted here.

Pest count: hundreds; scads of carpenter ants serially invading the porch. And removed in discreet (kinda) dustpan loads, at approximately half hour intervals. This is what we do for exercise. Heh.

One comment

  1. Pooh says:

    Carpenter ants, ugh! We’ve had them invade the back bedroom at the cabin twice. Once, just as my parents had arrived. The ants were marching down from the ceiling right near the head of their bed. We gave them our bed, and got ant spray the next day. We sprayed the outside of the cabin where they were marching up. Same place, roughly same time of year a few years later. We vacuumed up the ones on the inside, and sprayed the ones on the march up the outside wall. Then we took the vacuum bag out to the compost. This necessitated a trip into town to the SewN’Vac store, where they fortunately had the right kind of bags for the ancient and seldom used cabin vac. Why are sewing machines and vacuum cleaners and their ancillary “materials” so often co-located? I know for which one I am usually looking!