BBQ love

I don’t know butterflies, but this looks like a sulfur type (Colias spp.)

The other day Anne (29 April) posted a recipe for her favorite BBQ sauce, and I started salivating. That recipe is very similar to my old favorite sauce, but recently I revamped the sauce, and I’ve posted my new favorite BBQ sauce recipe in the Food Fun section. I love that sauce over country-style ribs, roasted in the oven!

I’ve also posted a short-ribs recipe that is a bit different, as the flavors are dominated by the complexity of Chinese five-spice powder. This makes a great company-sized feed, and is super with an ice-cold beer!

I admit that we have left-over tamales from Cinco de My-oh yesterday, so I won’t be making any BBQ today, but it’s on the to-do list for tomorrow!

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