Symbolic Entrainment

Weak attempt to cleanse the negativity inherent in this entry….

Downer alert!

Let’s face it; there’s plenty that happens in this world that is way too depressing or unproductive to spend time contemplating—where that crap on the floor of the car came from, how the inside of the fridge/closet accumulated so much detritus, how Geo Bush can face himself in the mirror, what dark matter is (for most of us), and the like. Of course, we can’t be ostriches either, and refuse to acknowledge the icky, the heartbreaking, and things that are Just Not Right, meaning, here, deliberately inconsiderate of the rights of others.

Some people are clueless as to how to draw that line, sometimes because of how they were socialized by others and sometimes because of how they arrived at their own personal set of standards. On this list are pederasts, and most people in most cultures, present and past, would agree with me. I am sadly enlightened by this NYTimes article, about how sexual abusers use the internet to encourage each other (among other things). I have also learned to scrutinize heart and butterfly jewelry and symbols for the insider message: I like little girls or I like little boys.



  1. mouse's moom says:

    I like what one guy said (can’t remember if it was in the article you linked to or if I followed a further link), something like, “really, most kids are not interested in having sex with adults.” Sheesh, most 50-something women are probably not interested in having sex with *these* adults.

  2. Mouse says: