Seasonal drift


I can’t even guess what kind of phlox this is. BTW, phlox is a funny word, with its roots in the Greek word for flame. Appropriate, no? Yet, phlox varieties are native to North America and northeast Asia!

Today I heard lawn mowers for the first time, both to the south and to the east. Believe it or not!

Of course, the operators could have been conducting last-minute leaf-herding, instead of trimming spring-fresh grass….

In neighborhood news, Dish, once a favorite upscale restaurant of ours, is gone and defunct. A carpenter working on the redesign says the new restaurant going into the former gas-station location will be called Diesel. Still, I’m not warming to the idea of a restaurant named after a poison.

I’m not sure I’d feel that much better if it were named Biodiesel….

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  1. Jay says:

    Maybe they plan it to be a deep fat based eatery, and selling their bi-product for bio-diesel homegrowers.