Leinenkugel tease


I forgot to mention this particular excitement from our Michigan adventure. Honey bees that had quietly colonized a gap between the chimney and the siding several years ago decided to swarm. Right by the garage door. Fortunately, our kindly neighbor is a beekeeper. He brought over a hive loaded with a comb to make it attractive to the scout bees, and we hoped they would find it and move in. They did! Unfortunately, he says only half of the original bunch will move to the new residence, so they aren’t gone from the house.

Like many people, I have a “junque” email address that I use when I’m forced to give one to an entity I never want to receive emails from. Today when I checked one of them (yeah, I have several*; yahoo gives them out for free!), I learned that Delta is trying to entice me aboard with the following:

You can now enjoy Leinenkugel’s award-winning Sunset Wheat beer onboard Delta flights.

I can remember when Leinies had a very local distribution. And I suspect that in the bad old days they didn’t make a Sunset Wheat flavor! Actually, I’d be far more tempted by decent food, but not enough to buy a ticket.

* The name of one riffs on the word basura, Spanish for garbage….


  1. Pooh says:

    When I hear the cellphone tagline, “More bars in more places”, I’m always reminded of our bike tour through Wisconsin. One of our favorite names was the Linger Longer Lounge. Lingering longer with a Leinenkugel at the Linger Longer Lounge, sounds like a lovely lassitude.

  2. Sammy says:

    Leinie lassitude! Linspirational! Leinie languor and lethargy, also!

  3. Jay says:

    We actually know a Leinenkugel, of the beer family. The mother of one of Rey’s friends in school once upon a time. Carl thinks they are now a Miller product.