Sproinging in hot pink

Hyacinth in hot pink
Lg doll playhouse

I found the hyacinths in a neighbor’s yard and am giving it to you for a pretty.

However, the more interesting image is the large dolly face-down by the fancy playhouse and the birdbath. I couldn’t decide if a child got called inside quickly, abandoning the dolly, or an adult created a still-life for passers-by headed to a nearby entrance to Piedmont Park. You decide.

One comment

  1. ootf says:

    How odd? I first thought it was a child, which was somewhat unsettling at first.
    But then, I knew Ramona after she lost her head (slant six band, ca. 1982).
    Sorry, it’s late and I’m going to bed now. Been down on the Broad all day, Broad River that is.