Potatoes cilantro organic

With permission, I raided the hunter-gatherer-horticulturalist-gardener neighbors’ potato supply that wintered over, and took two plants of this year’s cilantro. They went into a Columbian version of potato salad, you might say, with the dressing not vinegar and oil based, but instead salsa (more or less). With the fresh cilantro leaves torn and artfully adorning the bowl. Secret ingredient: the whole was augmented with some chèvre soft goat cheese….

Playhouse corner

Had to add this photo of the corner of the stacked-log playhouse. Have lost track of what’s in there these days. Besides spiders….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Stacked-log playhouse? When I was a kid, there was an old woodpile next to the Old Cabin. We played all kinds of make-believe games on that, train being one that I can remember. Also waited a whole afternoon there for my dad to bring my new puppy (Tigger) home.

    Would love if you “composed” a recipe for that salad and am actually familiar with Lucinda Williams