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Kinsale marina parking

I figure these are the parking spaces for drunk-testing. Notice how unused they are. This is Castlepark Marina, across from Kindle.

Kinsale Jamess Fort

This old fort opposite Kindle is heavily visited by people letting their dogs run…many happy dogs. Across the River Bandon is a much larger, later fort that most tourists visit. This one is on a lovely spit of land that had a medieval fort before construction began on this fort in 1602. This is the inner architecture and its wall. The outer perimeter is grassy and lumpy these days.

Timoleague abbey

On down the way, this is the central area of the Timoleague abbey church ruin.

Timoleague abbey new grave

People are still being planted here, within the former buildings, except right where the altar was. I could hardly drag my eyes away from the plastic bag carefully protecting the cross on this recent grave.

Timoleague wart well

By the sacristy/in the sacristy was this stone labeled “wart well.” In case you were wondering. The internet records various methods of using water from the wart well to cure…warts.

Clonakilty street

The old medieval main street of Clonakilty.

Rosscarbery market square

Nolan’s on the market square of Rosscarbery. The hanging sign reads “Guinness for strength.”

Drombeg architecture

Far left distance: Drombeg stone circle, dated to the later Bronze Age. Far left foreground: bluebells. Central: two stone foundations; one is circular with a central rectangular “box” and circular “well”; the other is two conjoined circles, probably a two-room domestic structure. These features may not have been contemporaneous. They are on a flat landform that is high on the slope of a hill that seems a strange choice to me. It does have a good view of the sea (right, out of shot).

Drombeg Holsteins

Ladies checking out tourists walking to and from Drombeg. The Irish is An Drom Beag, meaning small ridge. Perhaps someone else thought this the location a bit odd.

Skibbereen market square

Market square, Skibbereeen. There’s a somewhat famous folk song about how those who left the island because of the famine pined for Ireland that uses the name Skibbereeen.

Baltimore beacon

Beacon just past Baltimore harbor. That’s the open ocean in the center of the photo, and a lighthouse on the opposite landform. Yes, it was windy. And the wildflowers were slightly different than inland locales we have visited.

Waterfall pool

It’s been so dry that the waterfall above this pool was a big trickle. Loved the pool and its reflection.

Double tunnel

We found this double-tunnel while crossing the Béarra/Beara peninsula near the boundary of Kerry and Cork counties.

Kenmare butcher dog

This dog in Kenmore is making a great choice—to keep watch/nap outside the butcher shop. Far wiser than outside the woolen goods store or the pharmacy, I’d say.

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