It didn’t rain ALL day


We awoke to soft rain. High on a hill/mountain, this church was still below the clouds.

Torc waterfall

On the other side of the mountain, we checked out a waterfall. There are several along the “edge” of this landform. We walked in rain to check it out.

Clouds n mountains

And, farther down the peninsula, we could see out over the ocean was clearer than where we were driving.

Cattle n cowherdess

Down a narrow lane, we waited for the cowherd-ess to move her charges along. Moo.

Staigue fort exterior

And, at the end of the road…a stone fort. These date to the early Christian through late medieval periods, in general.

Staigue fort interior

The stones are stacked carefully, with sloping walls interior and exterior, and the space between filled with chips and smaller stones. In the interior, the stones are set to allow easy ascent. No building remains survive inside Staigue Fort.

Brackaharagh beach

Downhill, we found striking blue waters in this harbor in the Brackaharagh townlands.

Skellig Bay

Off on another narrow side road, heading for Loher stone fort…. Go mall is Irish for slow(ly).

Loher stone fort

Inside this fort, partial walls of several buildings survive.

Loher fort door

The interior of the fort slopes so that water drains out the single doorway. This seems true of all of these stone forts.

Leacanabuaile n sheep

A bit more of a drive and a bit of a walk, and we stroll through sheep to Leacanabuaile stone fort. This one has wide walls with turf atop.

Leacanabuaile interior

Same for the interior building ruins…. This two-room building had a square-ish first room and a round interior room.

Ballycarbery drone

Droney and the Guru took this photo of Ballycarbery Castle. It’s huge. Note that the sun is out! The ivy covering the walls is old, with a substantial “trunk.”

Ballycarbery ivy stems

This is the “trunk” structure of the ivy on the right end of the building in the drone shot. Maybe “substantial” is too tame to describe this proliferation.

Killorglin traffic circle

Apache pizza? Cross-cultural food? Find this culinary treat on the traffic circle in Killorglin.

Castlemaine Harbour double rainbow

Modest B&B tonight. Spritely owner looks to be in her early 70s. She has lived here all her life. In this building. Brought up here. Modified to be a B&B by her carpenter/builder husband. And this is our view. An hour later we got fierce rain for about four minutes.

Now darkness is descending.


  1. James says:

    Nice droney shot – really wide and lovely.

  2. Dave L says:

    I prefer my pizza toppings and cheese to be evenly distributed all the way out to the edges, so I probably wouldn’t be a big fan of this pizza. LOL

    Dave L.