Lupine backlit

We’re getting toward the end of the lupine, with many fully in seed pods. A few are still opening at the tips, however.

New dock

Farm news: ML and DL have installed a new dock! It’s a beaut! Smells like fresh lumber.

Leech prey

I channeled Diana the Huntress (21st century version) and stalked the shallows for the lithe and limber lacustrine annelids, finding eight in about ten minutes and removing them from the breeding pool. And the lake. It may have been the perfect stick I found for catching them and tossing them into the brush that brought me luck. But not them.

The late afternoon became overcast and waves of drippy rain, straight down, so the windows all could remain open.


  1. Dave L says:

    Be careful of the three inch drop off if you jump (no diving) off the end!

  2. Cousin M says:

    I’m glad the dock looks like a “Beaut”, because it sure was a “Beast” putting it in!