Only four photos, so as not to bore

Morning sun beach

We spent the day on and (mostly) near the beach. We got out early to enjoy that low-angle light, and it’s a good thing—already almost HOT by 8:30 am!

Strange dune flowers

Circling in the car behind the dunes traveling from one place to another, we found these large bloom clusters; I have no idea what they are.

Bamboo shadows

Late in the day, we found this lovely juxtaposition of light and shadow, shapes and colors.


On a late-day beach wander, we found this sea-denizen, or its fading carcass. Such striking, amazing colors!


  1. Pooh says:

    We got a similar picture of a beached Portuguese Man 0f War. We were warned by a local that the tentacles can still sting if you touch them.

  2. Puppetlady says:

    What a lovely photo. How special that I was there looking at this beautiful creature while you took the photo!