Sunday stroll

Blooming shrub

Not much vegetation other than trees and weeds…but we did find this blooming shrub…apple relative?

Not a leaf

Around the corner, a nice web of vines, leafless, and a juniper(?).

Book market

Found a book market, with a few browsers and very little selling/buying.

Lion face

Strange look on the lion’s face…winsome?

Split shutters

Interesting split shutters, I theorized to keep the line of sight from below into the room truncated.

Dangling outside pediment

Love the dangling foot outside this pediment…don’t know the story being told. She’s got a crown with a castle atop it and he’s dumping out the wine(?) jug…perhaps harvest symbolism in wheat, sunrays, and veggie pile.

Geometric lock

Never seen a lock like this….

Burger night

Today’s hood-photo: burger night for the Guru. Burger in elegant bun with pink mayo sauce, fries, wine, and a side of salmon-avocado sushi. Of course.

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