In French…

Pompiers cathedral

As we headed out this morning, a fire truck and fire car consulted in front of the cathedral complex. Pompier means fire department.

Flower delivery

And, around the corner, we came across two people walking flowers to…a shop(?), and two workers changing a lightbulb (no joke), using a high ladder…and another worker passing by. Ampoule means light bulb.

Outdoor flea market

In the plaza around the market, many people had tables and displays on the ground of…just about everything but food…bird cages, western decorative items, bad art, record albums, books, household items, antique children’s bicycles, cross-stitched tablecloths…a wide assortment. Tablecloths are nappes.

Leshalles seafood

Pass through the flower vendors under an awning and enter Les Halles, the market, and find enticing foodstuffs. This is about one-quarter of the seafood at this stall. The next stall was serving oysters on the half shell—at 11am, mind you!—and all but one of the tables was full. We kept strolling.

Leshalles ladies

The locals meet up at Les Halles, wisely bringing their wheeled carriers…paniers?—oh, wait, the one on the right is a voiture d’enfant.

Service station

Heading south toward the wall, we found a service station…diesel is gazole, meaning gas-oil mix…and sans plomb, you can figure it out.

Wall inside out

Ah, there’s the city wall, looking inside out. Wall is le
(duh, like mural).

Flying buttresses

Found these flying buttress on a church…église.


This was called a tartelette, and wow was it tasty. How can it not be? Cheese, sliced potatoes and bacon (more like smoky ham), hot and gooey (and more than I expected—that was a large ramekin!). With a salade verte.

Back hoteldville

This was the back of the hôtel d’ville, or city hall.

Propped foot stature

Me, I want one of those foot props! Foot is pied (like piedmont!).

Snow capped

Hey, way in the background, center, see the snow? That’s la

Night shadows

Nice shadows in this courtyard after dark…shadows are ombres.

And, with that, bonsoir.

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